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Sacheen Lake Association
Formerly The Sacheen Betterment Association -- Since 1957

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Dedicated to an ongoing legacy of:

Promoting stewardship of the lake and its surrounding natural environment
Supporting recreational interests
Providing for safe and environmentally sustainable use of the lake
Fostering and developing a strong sense of community

New Street Light @ Hwy 211 & Fertile Valley Road Intersection
Provided by Sacheen Lake Association

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Thank you celebration for Gary Garrett following meeting.

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Hiking trails around Sacheen Lake, WA.

Hiking trails around     Sacheen Lake
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The Sacheen Lake Association

For 55 years we've been the only lake association dedicated to
Protecting - Maintaining & Improving Sacheen Lake

The Sacheen Betterment Association was formed in 1957 and renamed as The Sacheen Lake Association.  The SLA, as it is commonly called, is open to all property owners around the lake and in the community who wish to help protect this beautiful lake and work together making decisions to enhance our community.  We invite you to join us in our initiatives aimed at stewardship of the lake and its surrounding area.

"The present protects the future to preserve the past."

Fallen Tree - Lynn Radeka Photography - used with permission
Fallen Tree
Lynn Radeka Photography ©

What Does Sacheen Lake Mean?

It is rumored that when our forefathers settled this area, they discovered a lake like no other and appropriately named it “Sacheen Lake.”  Sacheen Lake” is a Salish Indian word loosely translated by early residents as “Beautiful Lake of Many Fallen Trees”.  

Picture your astonishment –if you could travel back in time and see what they saw.

A lake littered with fallen Cedars and Conifers. Not only did the fallen trees and snags lie in the water along the shoreline, they also stood tall above the water throughout the lake.

For the early residents the dead fall and snags offered up many challenges, some easily seen and others not.  For example, the simple task of fishing for one’s dinner often ended in a losing game of tug-a-war with the tentacles of a hidden snag.  Or for the young and fool hearted, nothing beat the adrenaline rush of water skiing through nature’s most challenging “snag” slalom course.

Sacheen Lake Association is meant to be enjoyed; free and clear of everything except clean clear water.  So the early residents’ waged war on the army of fallen trees, and one by one they cleared the lake, until they were left with only one battle to fight.

 The last major battle was against a lone snag in the middle of the north end of the lake.  This monster continually fought back Herculean efforts by groups of boaters to pull it loose from the bottom.  In the end the old snag stood tall and was left as it was until it finally sank out of sight in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s.

The next time you’re enjoying the water of Sacheen Lake, remember the past and say a prayer of thanks to those who came before you—for they freed the lake of trees and snags.  

As in the past, Sacheen Lake still lives up to its name today - “Beautiful Lake of Many Fallen Trees”.  


What's more fun than a day or two at the lake with family and friends?

 Expecting visitors?

Send them to to get accurate directions.

Sacheen Lake is the ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts to experience all that mother nature has to offer.

Every season brings it own unique beauty and the weather tempts your senses and stirs your soul.

Check out this Sacheen Lake map in Microsoft Virtual Earth.  It's a little more detailed and clearer than the same aerial view you see in Google Maps Just change the default "map view" to an "aerial view," and try to locate your cabin.


Sacheen Lake is located in scenic Pend Oreille County in northeast Washington State. It is also called the Evergreen State and became the 42nd state in the USA on November 11, 1889.

To learn more about Sacheen Lake and it's history; read the Sacheen Lake Reports and view the E.P.A.'s Window to My Environment Map.
(Both links are slow to open.)

To learn more about boating safety while you enjoy Sacheen lake, visit Washington State Parks Boating Program and the U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division.

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The Sacheen Lake Association supports and thanks our volunteer Firefighters and EMTs of our
South Pend