The Sacheen Lake Association (SLA), also known as the Sacheen Betterment Association (SBA)
since its inception in 1957, was established for the purpose of protection and management of
the lake and watershed ecosystems. Promoting a sustainable and strong sense of rural
community has become more important with time. Both the SLA and SBA names are registered
with the Washington Secretary of State on an annual basis. The use of the moniker SBA is used
only through the continued recording of the SBA name; the Association is now recognized as
the Sacheen Lake Association or SLA.

The SLA consists of paying members, eleven of which constitute the Board of Directors (Board).
Members pay yearly dues as indicated below:

  • Family $ 25.00/year
  • Individual $ 10.00/year
  • Public/Not for Profit $ 25.00/year
  • Corporate $ 50.00/year
  • Student $ 5.00/year
  • Sustaining $100.00/year or more

The Board has a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President, and six (6)
other members. Eight Board members are assigned to one of eight (8) Neighborhood Areas
around the lake to aid in information distribution to members of the Sacheen Lake community,
such as a Welcome Package to new neighbors, as well as being a contact for the lake
community to reach out to as desired. There are also three (3) at-large Board members who
may be requested to help in any given Neighborhood Area. There are also Support Staff to the
SLA that volunteer their help, such as spring buoy placement and fall removal, website
management, and our SacheenSCOPE newsletter editor.

In 2022, the SLA passed a new set of changes to our By-Laws updating the 2009 version of goals
and objectives to a Mission Statement and set of Goals. The Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Sacheen Lake Association is to advocate for the conservation as well as safe
and environmentally sustainable use of Sacheen Lake and surrounding ecosystems, while promoting a strong sense of rural community.


  • Protect and enhance the natural condition of the lake and adjacent
  • Coordinate with government, corporate and private organizations, and
    people of the local rural community to promote the purpose of the SLA
  • Advocate for safe, sustainable, and clean use of the lake and surrounding
    ecosystems and their public access avenues
  • Promote education, involvement, and SLA membership of and by the local
    rural community for enduring SLA Mission Statement advocacy and a
    strong sense of community

The SLA Board organizes and hosts, sometimes with the help or contribution from local
businesses, such as Store n More or the use of the South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue fire
station, events throughout the year to promote conservation of Sacheen Lake and its water
ecosystems, educate the community about the lake, and to build a stronger sense of rural
community. For example, the SLA hosts cleanup events for Hwy 211, Fertile Valley Road, the
WDFW boat launch, and the Myers/Harter Sanctuary. The SLA, through a permit obtained by
the Sacheen Water and Sewer District, is the source for the volunteers that clear new beaver
dams downstream and/or to clear the downstream culverts to keep the water level from
eroding our shoreline (natural wear and from boat wakes). We also monitor the lake level and
record the reading to know when beaver dam management may be needed. We host an
Annual Meeting, often with informative guest presentations, for our members and the local
community as well as invite the community to a summer picnic at the Myers/Harter Sanctuary.
We coordinate with WA State Parks and Recreation to provide loaner life jackets at the WDFW
boat launch. The light on Hwy 211 and Fertile Valley Road is funded by the SLA. The SLA has a
great merchandise program so locals and visitors may buy merchandise with a Sacheen Lake
logo or text illustrating pride in their community and lake environment. The picnic and other
expenses we have are possible through the membership dues paid to the SLA and Merchandise
Program profits (small as they are).

We also work in conjunction with the Sacheen Water and Sewer District (W&S) to keep the
community informed of W&S activities (e.g., invasive lakeweed species treatment) and to
maintain the lake level through beaver dam management. We host the W&S webpage on this
SLA website as well.

The Board and Support Staff members are all volunteers and provide their service to the lake
and community out of our desire to make the lake a great place to live and experience lake
activities. In addition to this website, we communicate with the community through a
newsletter, the SacheenSCOPE, and an email system with which we broadcast information
regarding the Board and community activities, support the recovery of lost and found items on
the lake, help a neighbor with a sinking boat, and many other ad hoc support concepts, as well
as attempting to promote a strong sense of rural community through information connection.
We encourage the community to provide their contact information to the Board so we may
contact you with information about your lake and SLA activities. Please email us at:
SacheenLake.Assoc@gmail.com to let us know who you are, where you live (and your lake
address if different), and how we can contact you (phone and email). This information is
maintained by the President and/or Secretary only. We do, however, provide your mailing
address to the publisher of the SacheenSCOPE so they may mail you our community newsletter
until it becomes fully digital.

We encourage our community members to join the Sacheen Lake Association as a means to
contribute to the expense of the efforts executed by the SLA Board, volunteers, and the
Support Staff on behalf of our wonderful lake community and in support of protecting and
maintaining our greatest asset, Sacheen Lake!

2015-08-15 Barbeque chefs & helpers at annual picnic
2015 Plenty of food for all
2015-08-15 car race at annual picnic 01
2015 Car races
2015-08-15 Alice Hoffman & Louise Dyekman at annual picnic
2015 Fun for all ages
2015-08-15 Prize table at annual picnic 02
2015 Game prizes