Water & Sewer

2022 Sacheen W&S SLA Presentation

Please send all Sewer payments to Sacheen Lake W&S, PO Box 311, Newport, WA 99156

For Water & Sewer inquiries– Contact JoniĀ Stillion, Manager,

For Sewer Service, call Paul Sexton @ (425) 238-9901

Water & Sewer Commissioners –

Rod Griggs (Chair) 509-466-7900 – Randy Carasco -Shaun Bleecker

Water & Sewer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Next Water & Sewer Meeting @ Fire Station – 2nd Wed. of each month @ 5 PM

Water & Sewer Questions — Contact District Manager, Joni Stillian
Dept. of Ecology Draft List link available under Meeting Information on W&S page

Electrical Outage Guidance For Sewer Grinder Pumps

Meeting Minutes